NatWest Island Games 2011 Women’s Football Semi-Final Åland v Greenland

by wighteye

This was Wighteye’s first experience of women’s football at this Island Games;  having previously coached a girl’s team and seen a women’s FA Cup Final, it was interesting to see the performance of these two teams and to contrast their performance with that of the men’s teams.  There was some nice skilful play exhibited at times and Åland used the space on the pitch very well, but the big difference in comparison with the men’s teams was comparative lack of aggression and speed.  By half time, Wighteye was wondering whether either team would score, both had chances, but at the break it was 0-0.  The second half found Åland making their dominance count, resulting in a final score of 6-1, three of the goals coming from penalty kicks (2 for Åland, 1 for Greenland).  Credit should go to Greenland who never let their heads drop, but continued to play to the end.  The match took place at East Cowes Vics.